My Favourite Colour is Autumn

Autumn is about jumpers and pine cones and pumpkins. It’s about all the reds and bonfires and golds and cold, crisp mornings.

I never appreciated just how beautiful this season is, in fact I used to dismiss it all together. But this year, influenced by fierce advertising of the notorious pumpkin spice latte, and of an abundance of pumpkins in every single supermarket I decided I would pay a little more attention to my surroundings.

I had a day full of seminars and lectures on one of the sunniest days we’ve had in ages. I watched the sunlight filter through the trees and paint everything in the most glorious light. I sighed realising I hadn’t brought my camera and would probably be stuck inside all day, but told myself “tomorrow. Tomorrow you will take your trusty little camera and snap like you’ve never snapped before”.

And then there were clouds…and rain…but I guess that is what this season is about.

 “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus


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