Journeys: Costiera Amalfitana

“Amalfi Coast? Isn’t that where all the old white people go?”


It’s also GORGEOUS, but what else did you expect from Italy?

So here are some snaps I took on this lemon-obsessed (and with good reason!) region.

Capri is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and it has a funicular. Funiculars are seriously cool – you’re at the top in no time and you get a beautiful view. Twice.

When life gives you lemons…

I saw lemons the size of grapefruits in Sorrento. Sorrento soil is perfect for growing lemons. Tufa (which is a variety of limestone) is where it’s at people. We stumbled upon a lemon grove in Sorrento. I’m pretty sure we were actually looking for gelato but I couldn’t have been happier with this alternative.

This one’s a gem guys. Positano is Latin for “absolutely stunning”…seriously.

Steinbeck even wrote an essay on this little place. In “Positano Bites Deep” he wrote, “It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”.

Don’t just take his word for it though!

Okay so we couldn’t go to the Amalfi Coast and not head over to Pompeii and Vesuvius.

Suggested tune for this next bit.

Hey! Pompeii! Get the audio guide guys – otherwise you’ll really ruin your trip (Do you get it? Ruin, as in ruins! I’ll let myself out). Also go on the first Sunday of the month if you can, because everything* in Italy is free on the first Sunday of the month.

*okay not everything


So some rich Romans owned a fountain in their house. Why do I care? And why should you care?
Here’s why:

On August 24th, it will have been 1,936 years since Mount Vesuvius erupted. So not only did this fountain somehow survive that but it’s been around for almost 2000 years. And look at all that detail! And all that colour! Awesome.

Pizza and preservation, that’s what Italy’s all about.

The “hole in the ground”

That’s how one TripAdvisor user described Vesuvius. I’m going to be honest with you folks…they’re sort of right. I don’t know what I was expecting. A deep drop into a bottomless pit? Mordor 2.0? I’m not sure, but Vesuvius sort of looks like a lot of grey sand.

I told you.
I told you.

It’s still pretty amazing though. I think it’s more a case of it being so huge that it’s hard to really conceive its depth.

The view from the other side is pretty good too.

Highly recommend this little corner of our world.


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