Blue // n.018

Look up every once in a while – it’s prettier than you think.

Persimmon // n.016

This leaf just reminds me of a cosy fireplace – it’s all orange and red and warm against the blue sky.

Silver //n.013

I used to love coming to this spot as a kid – playing in the fountains was just the best thing to do during the summer. I guess the view’s not bad either.

Pumpkin // n.011

I bought a pumpkin two weeks ago. I’m keen like that. Autumn is my favourite – I literally cannot help snapping up a red leaf or a yellow tree if I come across one. It just feels so different when you step outside and there’s hundreds of leaves lining the streets in the most beautiful range of reds and browns…

Noir // n.010

Throwing rocks into the sea will never not be satisfying.

Vermilion // n.009

Nothing says winter is coming like fallen berries…well, apart from Ned Stark.