Navy // n.031

This is my city. I used to think how awesome it would be to be a tourist in London – where everything is new and you don’t take anything for granted. That was sort of lazy on my part. It’s easy to take things for granted when they become part of your daily grind. But…

Fire Engine Red // n.030

This is one side of a 360 view from Hallgrimskirkja, Iceland’s largest church.  I love the use of colour that I’ve noticed in Reykjavik – I am not sure if it’s intentional or not but it gives the city such character. 

Slate // n.028

I love that these two provided a colour pop in the rain. 

Chrome // n.027

Taken in Reyjkavik.  I couldn’t resist these two little chrome-yellow lighthouses (I think they’re lighthouses, I’m actually not sure if that’s their purpose). Anyway, they looked so charming against the fierce backdrop of the sea and mountains that I just had to snap them.

Moss // n.026 

This makes me think of Christmas. I know, I know! It’s not even December! But I don’t care!  It’s my favourite time of year right now because it’s so cold outside and even cosier inside. And fairy lights. Those things are magical.

Journeys: The Glacier

I hiked a glacier! I didn’t even realise it was a bucket list sort of thing until we were about half way up. Then I began to realise that every step (which also resulted in a satisfying crunch) was more rewarding than the last…and more terrifying. You have to wear crampons, essentially spikes, so that…

Maize // n.024

I have a slight addiction to Lego. But Lego is crazy expensive. So I try to fool myself into thinking I can have my cake and eat it too by buying Lego Minifigures. I really don’t exercise any willpower when I pass by the Lego Store – which is ridiculous, I know! Thankfully, I don’t pass it…

Journeys: Reykjavik

I’m making a list of all my favourite things about Reykjavik! 1: Character Street art in Reykjavik is everywhere and it’s amazing. There are so many different styles and uses for it. It also confirmed my belief that Icelanders are just the coolest people on the planet. 2. Coffee Before heading off to Iceland, I’d heard a…