Journeys: Reykjavik

I’m making a list of all my favourite things about Reykjavik!

1: Character

Street art in Reykjavik is everywhere and it’s amazing. There are so many different styles and uses for it. It also confirmed my belief that Icelanders are just the coolest people on the planet.

2. Coffee

Before heading off to Iceland, I’d heard a lot about how seriously Icelanders take their coffee. There are loads of coffee shops in the city and Laugavegur (which is the main shopping street) is absolutely teeming with them.

You’ll notice one of these is not like the others. I love hot beverages, but not hot chocolate. Woah, I still have a soul guys, don’t worry – it’s just that most hot chocolate doesn’t really taste that good. I’ve only ever had one hot chocolate in London that I’ve enjoyed. *Shrugs shoulders*.

So, with hesitation, I ordered a hot chocolate. And it was the dream. Moral of the story: try something new…or old…just try things people!

3. Nordic Countries Are The Best

Iceland is the Nordic dream. It’s no secret that Britain has become obsessed with Nordic countries. You can thank excellent crime drama for that. There’s a certain character about Reykjavik that just appealed to me.

4. Quirk

Alongside excellent street art it’s quite clear that there’s a good amount of wit surrounding this city too.

Seriously whoever came up with that deserves a medal.

5. Tradition

I love Christmas, and so does Iceland. There were quite a few shops dedicated to Christmas alone. If I had my own way I would have spent about 80% of the trip in these shops.

First, look at this:

That is just the sweetest thing I have come across. The fact that Reykjavik is the capital and Laugavegur is one of the main streets and this sort of thing exists is just amazing! As a Londoner, it’s not something I’d ever see (although, if there are any Londoners or big city folk out there that have seen this kind of thing – let me know!)

Secondly: Icelandic Yule Lads.

Which can be a confusing term for any Brit.

I found a postcard with these infamous dudes.

A quick Google informed me that they are figures from Icelandic folklore and in modern depictions are essentially Iceland’s version of Santa Claus. There’s much more to them than that, and if folklore is your kind of thing then this and this  pretty much have you covered with regards to these guys.

I’ll be sharing more about my trip in the coming weeks, but honestly if you’re stuck for your next trip I strongly recommend this wonderful city and country.


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  1. We loved it too – look forward to your next blogs – its a gorgeous country.

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