Positano // n.050

Nothing like seeing wonderfully coloured homes stacked on the mountain and overlooking a glistening sea. 

Pine // n.049 

Borough Market in London is a favourite of mine. If you’re ever in the city check it out. 

Journeys: The Church

Hallgrímskirkja is the largest church in Iceland. It is HUGE guys, and very useful for when your lost in Reykjavik. The thing that strikes me most about this church is how minimalist it is. I’ve seen heavily decorated churches in Spain, France and Italy but Hallgrímskirkja is completely different. I’m not sure whether this has to do…

Ghostwhite // n.048

One thing I LOVE about Iceland is that it’s super focused on the environment. It’s refreshing to be somewhere where the topic of climate change is approached with enthusiasm by the majority of people living there.  The chap in red was our guide. He explained how much the glacier had shrunk over the past few…

Blue Grey // n.045 

I’m no architecture expert but I can appreciate a beautiful piece of work when I see it. Europe is full of gorgeous buildings that are just dripping in hundreds of years of history. It’s one of the reasons I am so attached to this continent. This fountain too is simply beautiful. We were fortunate because…

Neon // n.044

I love the Gherkin, but seriously why isn’t it called the Pickle? 

Onyx // n.043

I used to watch Star Wars with my dad. I was a little too young to follow the storyline completely but I LOVED it. Certain scenes still stick in my mind very clearly and watching them several years later took me right back. To me, Star Wars is always going to be about that. I…

Gilded // n.042

Gullfloss translates to “Golden Falls” in English. The day we went had the craziest winds I’ve ever faced. I was blown off the path and lost my hat. Twice!  It’s okay though, because seeing this beast of a waterfall was worth it.