Ghostwhite // n.048

One thing I LOVE about Iceland is that it’s super focused on the environment. It’s refreshing to be somewhere where the topic of climate change is approached with enthusiasm by the majority of people living there. 

The chap in red was our guide. He explained how much the glacier had shrunk over the past few years. The most disturbing thing was the fast rate at which it was shrinking.

He then chipped off a small block of ice (don’t worry guys, that has a very minimal effect). The air bubbles in the ice are thousands of years old. From this, scientists can learn the composition of the air, the temperature and a whole host of other things about that time. They can then use this knowledge to recreate conditions of past times in order to understand why and how climates have changed and how they may change in the future. 

Scientists are real life wizards, guys.


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