Hazy // n.070 

I’m constantly amazed at how gorgeous and varied the sky can be. 

Show // n.069 

I love the way the sun warms the sky as it rises and sinks. The soft oranges and warm pinks that stretch across a deep cold blue make me so happy.  It happens everyday – twice! And yet I still manage to miss it most of the time. It’s good to pause sometimes, stuff can…

Mordor // n.067 

The Strata is the building to the left. Some of London’s skyscrapers can be pretty controversial but I actually sort of like this one.  Although, it always reminds me of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. 

Details // n.066

I’ve never visited St Paul’s Cathedral in London despite living here for twenty years. Come to think of it, there’s so much about this great city that I haven’t seen.  I think it’s easy to take London for granted when you live here, but that’s something I’m trying really hard to rectify. 

Moments // n.061 

Nothing like a cup of coffee to keep you warm.  The stuff is liquid gold to me, but I know to others it might as well be petroleum. Different strokes. 

Primrose Hill // n.060 

There is nothing like climbing up a hill and watching a city from afar. It’s like looking at Lego or out of the window as your plane takes off – everything is so far away and so so small.  If anything it gives you a little perspective. Give it a try.