The Best // n.094 

As in all things in life – the tops are the best. Seriously, think ice cream cones, cupcakes, muffins! And if this makes absolutely no sense, the context here is I have a cold, and this is probably the medication talking. Happy Monday folks!  Advertisements

How Many Cranes // n.092

I like this crane. It’s a sunny yellow and the contrast with the Gherkin’s blue reminds me of Ikea.  Guys, I LOVE Ikea. Anyway. Sometimes cranes irk me. There’s this particularly unappealing cluster right by St Paul’s Cathedral at the moment.  Yet, in an odd sort of way, it’s refreshing (bear with me friends). Cranes…

Rush Hour // n.091 

I had to dodge around so many people to get this shot…and I’m pretty sure more had to skirt around me. Do it for the shot? Always.  On a separate note, the best thing about shiny skyscrapers and buildings is their ability to reflect all the amazing colours and landmarks this city has to offer. 

Shard // n.087 

It’s strange how weird the Shard seemed when I first saw it. It altered a skyline I knew so well in such a big way.  Strangely though, I can’t imagine London’s skyline without it now.

Blush // n.086 

London is grim today. I think grey skies might be the reason we drink so much tea. We need that pick-me-up!  On days like today (dreary is the only way to describe it), I delve into my old photos and find snaps from sunnier, warmer places.  I found this photo from Maui and it makes…

Other // n.083

Still London, but with fewer recogniseable landmarks.  My favourite thing about this city (and this is true for most cities) is the way the landscape is always changing depending on where you stand. Even three feet in a certain direction can really switch things up sometimes. It’s amazing.