Hospitality // n.105 

The people in Pakistan are incredibly hospitable. That’s not what we hear over here (here being the ‘West’).

I thought I knew how biased mainstream media could be, and how it reduces whole countries to soundbites and a handful of images. I thought I knew that misinformation is rife at home and across the so-called ‘First World’. I didn’t expect to have been influenced by it. And yet, without even realising, I had been.

It was only as I was meeting new and friendly faces, and the tide of my thoughts began to turn that I even realised I did have preconceived notions of what the country would be like.

This is why, if you can travel to very different places from your home – do not hesitate. It will teach you so much more about yourself, your home and this planet than you ever thought possible. Plus, you’ll experience wonderful things from extraordinary places.


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