Journeys: The Church

Hallgrímskirkja is the largest church in Iceland. It is HUGE guys, and very useful for when your lost in Reykjavik. The thing that strikes me most about this church is how minimalist it is. I’ve seen heavily decorated churches in Spain, France and Italy but Hallgrímskirkja is completely different. I’m not sure whether this has to do…

Journeys: The Glacier

I hiked a glacier! I didn’t even realise it was a bucket list sort of thing until we were about half way up. Then I began to realise that every step (which also resulted in a satisfying crunch) was more rewarding than the last…and more terrifying. You have to wear crampons, essentially spikes, so that…

Journeys: Reykjavik

I’m making a list of all my favourite things about Reykjavik! 1: Character Street art in Reykjavik is everywhere and it’s amazing. There are so many different styles and uses for it. It also confirmed my belief that Icelanders are just the coolest people on the planet. 2. Coffee Before heading off to Iceland, I’d heard a…

Timelapsin’ Relaxin’

I watch a film maker named CASEY NEISTAT (Caps lock out of control? No, that’s just how you write Casey’s name). He makes these awesome films and vlogs and includes these beautiful timelapses. I was inspired, so I gave it a shot. (Pun intended). (Sorry). The music for these timelapses was created for me by the very…

Journeys: Roma

“The lands of other peoples have fixed boundaries: but the extent of the city of Rome is equal to the world itself” – Ovid, Fasti, 2, 683-684 I read that in the Colosseum. First thoughts upon reading it: “woah, Rome…we get it. You’re awe-inspiring and timeless…and how did anyone even build anything so big around two thousand years ago?”

Journeys: Costiera Amalfitana

“Amalfi Coast? Isn’t that where all the old white people go?” Quite. It’s also GORGEOUS, but what else did you expect from Italy? So here are some snaps I took on this lemon-obsessed (and with good reason!) region.

Final Frost

It’s 2015! Isn’t that crazy? To me, that’s crazy. Although I have this reaction every year so I think the point is moot. Either way, in the last few days of 2014, I got up early enough to catch the frost before it melted.

Midnight Snaps

My family and I went out for a midnight drive/walk around London a few days ago – here are some of the photos I took!

My Favourite Colour is Autumn

Autumn is about jumpers and pine cones and pumpkins. It’s about all the reds and bonfires and golds and cold, crisp mornings.

Journeys: Geneva

Geneva has one synonym in my mind – global. It truly is a global city, being home to the UN, the Red Cross and operating as a hugely important financial centre. It certainly feels like a vibrant city at times, but there’s something about the Lake that reins this all in.


This one’s a bit of a throwback. I went to Shanghai last year before I had any intention of setting up this blog, but I stumbled upon these and thought they looked pretty decent – so I thought i’d share anyway.